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Guhergan Pink Silk Shirt

Guhergan Pink Silk Shirt


Introducing the Guhergan silk shirt—an exquisite addition to your wardrobe that embodies sophistication and timeless charm. Crafted from luxuriously soft pink silk crepe de chine, this shirt is a celebration of opulence and comfort.

Adorned with a captivating print detail inspired by the enchanting tales of the Arabian Nights, the raglan sleeves lend an air of elegance to its silhouette. The intricately designed print graces both the front and back, adding an element of intrigue and storytelling to your ensemble.

Notably distinguished by its unique pointed collar detail at the back and with printed buttons, this shirt is a testament to meticulous design and attention to every subtle nuance. Created and meticulously crafted in the bustling hub of creativity, London, each stitch encapsulates a fusion of tradition and contemporary flair.

Elevate your style with the Guhergan silk shirt—a testament to London's artistry and a celebration of silk's luxurious embrace, inviting you to revel in its grace and allure.


  • 100% silk crepe de chine and 100% silk chiffon


  • XS/S Bust 88cm, waist 81cm, Length 56cm, Sleeve length 55cm
  • M/L Bust 98cm, waist 91cm, Length 58cm, Sleeve underarm 56cm